We create educational startups in the intersect of

incubation and company building


Passion for education

Our Model

What began as collaboration between startups created by Simetrica Labs and Inter Education Ventures, resulted in the design of an INNcubation™ program to support Latin American educational startups.


Based out of Bogotá, Colombia; three to four startups a year will receive between $40K and $100K in exchange of equity to consolidate a customer discovery and development process during a 12 month period following lean startup principles.


InncubatED has a strong trajectory developing educational startups and a  highly efficient sales channel developed by its founders during more than 10 years of work in the education sector in Latin America.

Working in the intersect of a company builder and a traditional incubator, we conduct extensive research to identify high potential segments in the educational market as well as problems worth solving.


We then select startups that are developing business models that fit into the market/product spaces we have pre-defined. If a close match is not found, we seek for startups that can easily be "moved" into the space. If none of the previous can be found, we simply build it ourselves and look for talented entrepreneurs to take over the venture.








Company building & incubation

We don't accelerate startups in batches, instead we build one or two every year with talented entrepreneurs that join us for the ride and make them their own.

We have a vertical approach and concentrate exclusively on Education. This gives us the added advantage of exploiting  synergies and our sectoral expertise.

We follow lean startup principles to which we add specific educational product development best practices.


A dedicated team that truly believes education

is a vehicle for change


Marcelo Burbano


David Palacios


Vicky Ricaurte


Strategic and financial advisor of choice for global CEOs and business leaders. Substantial experience conducting macroeconomic, financial and strategic projects for private equity firms, multinationals and family-owned corporations.

While working on a Masters in Technology, Innovation, and Education at Harvard, David seized the opportunity to take courses at the MIT Media Lab, as well as courses on Social Entrepreneurship in Education at HGSE and Online Economy and Digital Marketing Strategy at HBS. It was through these courses that the idea behind InncubatEd was born.


Prior to his recent studies, David managed various companies in the education and pharmaceutical sector. His passion lies in the management of innovation and education for entrepreneurship.


Executive with extensive knowledge in planning, creation and execution of online strategies. Understanding of what is needed from a internet perspective to be able to achieve customer penetration, acquisition or utilization goals.

 Interested in working with us?

This could be you

We are always looking for talented educators/entrepreneurs!


If you are interested in an internship with us do let us know. We have received to date more than 10 interns from 5 different countries.


Need a space to work or want to take a peek at the Colombian market? Come for a few months, we will find ways to accommodate you.



Startups at the forefront of education innovation

in Latin America


Active - Scaling


After school computational, engineering and technology courses for kids.

Active - Validating


Online enabler and education lead generation and management company.


An academic management information system to support true data-driven decision making.



The new way of connecting teachers and schools around the world.

Tic Toc Apps

iOS games that teach kids how to control emotions (executive function and self regulation skills)


Apply to InncubatEd

We are constantly looking for

startups and edupreneurs



At InncubatEd we are always looking for new startups and/or education entrepreneurs to work with.


Remember that we don't work with large startup cohorts

or have an open period for applications. We are instead constantly looking for new opportunities and expect to be adding to our portafolio between 2 to 4 startups every two years to work with them for a minimum of a 1 year incubation period.


Simply drop us an email (info@inncubated.com) and tell us what you're up to.


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